Month March 2017

We believe + Purpose

“We believe” provides the context for your Purpose. In communicating your Purpose to employees and customers, it is important to also have what we call the “We Believe” statements with it. By telling your audience what you believe and what… Continue Reading →

General Mills and Purpose-driven marketing

Here’s a great article from about General Mills and how they are embracing purpose-driven marketing. Some highlights: Outlining a brand’s purpose and then shaping brand engagement around that purpose is the key to effective marketing. Seek to serve the… Continue Reading →

11 Best Resources for Purpose Marketing

BrightHouse has a list of 11 wonderful resources for marketing. The list includes a selection of insightful and inspiring videos, studies, articles and books. From the list, these are our favorites: How P&G, Google and Southwest Learned to Sell With… Continue Reading →

TED Talk: A story of purpose

A great TED talk by Joey Reiman, founder of Brighthouse.    

Unilever on B Corp and Purpose

Just came across this article on Unilever’s plan to become a B corp on Guardian. Here are some quotes highlighting the movement of businesses becoming purpose-driven: The movement to put purpose at the heart of business strategy has received a… Continue Reading →

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