Month February 2019

Purpose-related news

The purposeful ads of Super Bowl In case you missed it, here are some of the purposeful ads aired at Super Bowl this year. Google’s beautiful ad 100 Billion Words focused on humanity through the lens of their Google Translate technology…. Continue Reading →

“TOKYO 2019” is now available.

Our annual publication “TOKYO 2019” is available now on our website. Leadership Essentials: Purpose and the Skill of Foreseeing the Future, this is the theme of this issue. It is filled with insights from interviews, original research, and future scenario… Continue Reading →

What KonMari Stands For

Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo has been listed as one of Time’s 100 most influential people in 2015. At the core of her tidying method and philosophy is the idea of sparking joy, an expression you might have come across… Continue Reading →

[LINK] Purpose of Lyft

On Lyft’s mission: Lyft was founded nearly six years ago with the mission to improve people’s lives through the world’s best transportation.  On vision: Our vision was to reinvent cities around people, not cars. That vision originated with one of… Continue Reading →

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