In our annual publication TOKYO2019, we interviewed Simon Sinek, the author of the global bestseller Start With Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.


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SMO: Lastly, in light of your responses above, what advice can you give leaders in Japan who are aiming to create real change? 
Simon: In order to “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” as Ghandi said, we must first identify the change we want to make. That has everything to do with discovering your WHY – finding the human problem you intend to solve. 
This is the true purpose of business. Business is not about making widgets or turning profit. Those are results. The products you sell and services you offer are your vehicle and your profits are simply fuel.  
Fuel is vital. There’s nothing wrong with money, we simply have to understand its purpose. Let’s say your organization is a car and money is the fuel. If you have no fuel, the car is going nowhere. However, the purpose of a car is not to buy gas. We know that’s laughable. Likewise, the purpose of our organization or career, is not to make money. The purpose of a car is to go somewhere – to go on a worthwhile adventure and bring people along for the worthwhile ride. The purpose of an organization or our careers is to accomplish something worthwhile, to advance a greater cause and contribute to society. And money is essential to helping you get there.  

 For leaders to create real and sustainable change, treat profit as the fuel and not the purpose. Lead your people to go somewhere worthwhile. If your people believe in where you’re going and believe your intent is earnest, they will give you their blood, sweat and tears. And, better yet, they will be doing it, not for you, but for themselves – for the feelings of belonging, pride and fulfillment they’ll receive.  



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