I’d gone through my notes from 2017 and here are info and insights from 2017 that I think you’ll find helpful.

White Paper / Report

Purpose with the Power to Transform Your Organization (Boston Consulting Group) If I had to pick one white paper / report about purpose to read from 2017, this Boston Consulting Group report(Purpose with the Power to Transform Your Organization(https://www.bcg.com/publications/2017/transformation-behavior-culture-purpose-power-transform-organization.aspx) would be it. Published this year in May, it covers why purpose matters so much today along with evidence, the definition of purpose, and how an organization can bring it to life.

It’s a nice document for making a case for business purpose. Highly recommended.


The most insightful talk I came across this year was from Nick Grossman of Union Square Ventures, a venture capital firm that have invested in companies like Twitter and Etsy. In the talk he explains how the connection between purpose, mission, and strategy is important to his company and the companies they invest in. In the second half of his presentation, he shares 5 ways to help companies connect purpose, mission, and strategy. It’s around 20 minutes and definitely worth a watch.


Purpose Statement Collection on Pinterest

As a purpose fanatic, I collect purpose statements. This year, I’ve created a Pinterest board of the statements I’ve collected. You can find the board here: https://www.pinterest.com/builtonpurpose/purpose-statements/

Finally… the Purpose Movie of the Year

Released in January 2017, A Dog’s Purpose is about a dog’s journey to discover his purpose. Despite the controversies and not-so-great reviews, it’s a wonderful family movie, especially for a purpose fanatic.