On Nov04, upon the release of the Hyatt Third Quarter 2020 Earnings Report, the CEO Mark Hoplamazian hosted Hyatt’s Third Quarter 2020 Earnings Conference Call, and here is part of the transcripts that he mentioned how important their purpose is.


Good morning and welcome to Hyatt’s third quarter 2020 earnings call. I want to begin today by recognizing every member of Hyatt family around the world. As we all know, this is an incredibly challenging period we are living through and one that is expected to last far longer than any of us could have imagined. I continue to be inspired by my colleagues every day. Their embodiment of our purpose and the excellence in ingenuity with which they are engaging to maximize our opportunities are remarkable.

Our purpose of caring for people so they can be their best defines why we exist and has long been fundamental to who we are as an organization, and it is vital during interactions with guests, customers, hotel owners, travel advisers and with each other.

In addition, the powerful way in which our teams around the world have put their skills into practice with excellence, creativity and agility in reimagining our business has been stunning to see and highly effective. Our teams have successfully created safe and fulfilling guest experiences, and as a result, have maximized our operating results in this low demand environment. It is clearly evident that we have the right team of people around the world to lead us through these challenging times, and we intend to build upon and leverage the strength of our brands as we recover and drive industry-leading growth and expanded profitability in the future.