Purpose-driven activities are not limited to companies.


With a passion to confront the issues surrounding the ballroom dance world and aim for change, SMO helped the Japan Dance Council (JDC) formulate its purpose.


Last month, this purpose presentation was held at “ARK HILLS CLUB” in Roppongi, Tokyo, and JDC Chairman Kusunoki, who served as a presenter, talked about the background and necessity of the purpose formulation, the road to formulation, hardships and joys.The state of this presentation is published on JDC’s official Youtube.


Our CEO, Mikiko Saito, was also invited to moderate the discussion on purpose.


This purpose development project, which was carried out with SMO this time, has 21 JDC project team members from various positions, from organizational officers to active players. A total of 8 workshops were held with all participants taking time off from their work such as classroom management and practice.

Here is the purpose that we have formulated in response to our passion and hopes for dance and the current situation of the organization.

Translation: The joy of dancing and the excitement of watching. Bringing Japanese dance to a new stage and creating a more exciting world. 


This is the first time that a purpose has been formulated in the field ofJapanese ballroom dance.

I have high hopes for JDC’s future purpose-driven challenges.