I came across this article in The November 2017 issue of Inc Magazine. It had stories about how travel was a source of inspiration for big ideas. It included stories from Tatcha, Lyft, TOMS, and Warby Parker.

What caught my eye was this episode of the founder of Tatcha (a cosmetic company) during her trip in Japan.

I spent my first day in Kyoto. The hotel assigned me a driver named Toide-san. He took me around to all these different temples–but I kept throwing up, because I was pregnant. Halfway through the day, I asked him to drop me back at my hotel, where I went to sleep.

She continues:

When I woke up that evening, there was a package waiting for me from Toide-san. Instead of picking up another ride, he had spent the afternoon burning CDs of every picture he had ever taken of Kyoto, before bringing them back to my hotel. He’d left a note: “Since you couldn’t see Kyoto, I brought Kyoto to you.” That was the day I fell in love with Japan.