Here is a report on the Purpose x SDGs seminar conducted by CEO Mikiko Saito and PR Rep/Consultant Ibun Hirahara. 

Recently, many companies are progressing their take on “Purpose” and “SDGs” as a set.

They are bundled as something of the “same category” amongst recent trends and are sometimes used with the same meaning. How are these two ideas related and what sort of effect does it have on corporate management? 

In this online seminar hosted last month, SMO’s CEO Saito Mikiko and SMO’S PR Rep/SDGs Consultant Ibun Hirahara talked about the difference and relationship between the concept of “Purpose” and “SDGs” using different examples. 

Purpose and SDGs management that it’s based on is something that is needed for this generation but in such a situation we see companies that “Purpose-wash” and “SDGs-wash” who are half-handedly joining in on the trend. 

First there is Purpose (which serves as a fundamental axis) then tied to that is SDGs management. Each organization must make clear their Purpose and then must make it their axis of management, then it becomes clear what the organization must do in terms of SDGs.

We believe that in order to be considered an organization that “is not swayed” and “does not hesitate” Purpose and its assimilation within an organization is necessary.