SMO investigates all the corporate philosophies of all 1839 companies listed on the TSE Prime, identifies the companies that officially have “Purpose” (or Purpose in English), and puts the Purpose Statement in “PURPOSE STATEMENT LIST 2022”. It will be listed and released.
To commemorate the release, we will hold an online “PURPOSE STATEMENT LIST-Purpose list release commemorative event for listed companies-“.
A SMO consultant who has been a pioneer in Purpose branding and has been working on the transformation of companies centered on Purpose for more than 10 years will select the Purpose of interest from the list and talk about those statements from the perspective of wording.

“PURPOSE STATEMENT LIST-Purpose public commemorative event for listed companies”

■ Date and time: Monday, June 27, 18:00 – 19:00

■ How to hold: Zoom Online Seminar

■ Cost: Free (* However, we will issue a viewing URL only to those who have received a business card in advance. Also, please fill out a simple questionnaire at the end of the seminar.)

■ How to participate
Please apply from this event page