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(日本語) 経営者はこの危機をパーパスと人情でリードしていくべきである

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(日本語) いま、私たちに出来ること〜 世の中をコラボレイティブでレジリエントに

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(日本語) 不透明な世の中での大きな決断には、パーパスが重要となる

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(日本語) ファッションxサステナビリティ 〜持続性・透明性を重視するブランド②

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(日本語) ファッションxサステナビリティ 〜持続性・透明性を重視するブランド①

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(日本語) スーパーボウルの優れたCMその②Budweiser 『Typical American』

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(日本語) スーパーボウルの優れたCMその①Google『Loretta』

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(日本語) 「宣伝会議 2月号」「アドタイ(AdverTimes)新年特別号」にてSMOによるパーパス解説を掲載

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(日本語) SMO連載コラムの最終回「宣伝会議 1月号」発売中です

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(日本語) ブラックフライデー考察:「地球を救うために営んでいる」会社

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(日本語) 深センで見た、一歩先の未来 【齊藤三希子 視察記】

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(日本語) 宣伝会議12月号 SMO第5回コラム「こんまりは、いかにしてパーパスブランドを築いたか?」

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(日本語) エミー賞を受賞したナイキCMとパーパス

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(日本語) Konmari(こんまり)メソッドに見るパーパス・ミッション・ビジョン

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#3 of 4  Purpose Key Person Interview – Simon Sinek

In our annual publication TOKYO2019, we interviewed Simon Sinek, the author of the global bestseller Start With Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. #3 of 4  Purpose Key Person Interview – Simon Sinek (→ #1 #2 )   SMO: Can… Continue Reading →

How Ford rediscovered its purpose

In 2008 three American companies were fighting for their lives. Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler, the Big Three of the automotive industry in US, were running out of cash. To bail them out of the crisis, the government offered them… Continue Reading →

RIMOWA’s Mission

From the overview of RIMOWA in their job description: Welcome to RIMOWA, the first German Maison of the LVMH Group. We are a global lifestyle brand with a mission to create the essential tools for a lifetime of travel. For… Continue Reading →

What KonMari Stands For

Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo has been listed as one of Time’s 100 most influential people in 2015. At the core of her tidying method and philosophy is the idea of sparking joy, an expression you might have come across… Continue Reading →

[LINK] Purpose of Lyft

On Lyft’s mission: Lyft was founded nearly six years ago with the mission to improve people’s lives through the world’s best transportation.  On vision: Our vision was to reinvent cities around people, not cars. That vision originated with one of… Continue Reading →

[REPORT] The Purpose City

Just came across this report from 2014 – The Purpose City: A New Urban Model for a New Generation of Urbanites. The New Cities Foundation, NBBJ and Imperative convened 50 influential policy makers, scientists, start-up entrepreneurs, business leaders, designers, planners and… Continue Reading →

A question to help you set big, hairy, and audacious goals

I’m currently reading Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs, and I came across this helpful question for setting big goals. Jim Collins and his team came up with the concept of… Continue Reading →

LINK: Innovator to Innovator: Apple CEO Tim Cook Interviewed by High School Senior Rebecca Kahn

LINK: Innovator to Innovator: Apple CEO Tim Cook Interviewed by High School Senior Rebecca Kahn A quick read to hear Tim Cook talk about purpose and philosophy behind how he runs Apple. My favorite quote from the article: Whenever he… Continue Reading →

22 inspiring business purpose statements

I have a friend who loves Pokémon Go. He plays the game and collects Pokémon whenever he gets the chance. I, on the the other hand, collect purpose statements. Whenever I come across one, I add it to my collection…. Continue Reading →

How Stanley Black & Decker rediscovered their purpose

An insightful interview with the CEO of Stanley Black & Deck on becoming Purpose-driven. On how they discovered their purpose: So Loree called on the company’s 45,000 employees to work with him to figure out “the societal need” the company… Continue Reading →

BlackRock’s 2018 letter to CEOs on how companies must have a social purpose and pursue a strategy for achieving long-term growth

BlackRock is one of the world’s largest investment management company. BlackRock’s 2018 annual letter to CEOs touches on the important of purpose in business. There are lots of good stuff in here. Here are my favorite parts: On the backdrop… Continue Reading →

LINK: How Disneyland came about

LINK: Leadership Lessons from Walt Disney: Disrupting Industry Stereotypes | Talking Point | The Disney Institute Blog   From the Disney Institute blog about how Walt Disney came up with the idea of Disneyland: When Walt’s daughters were young he would… Continue Reading →

Tim Cook explains what purpose is

Speaking at Oxford last fall, one of the topics Tim Cook talked about was purpose: I have begun to think through… What is my purpose in life? I was struggling with a lot of things both professionally and personally at… Continue Reading →

Wirecutter’s purpose statement plus a purpose statement template for your website

I recently visited the Wirecutter website to look for recommendations for a mobile battery pack. While over there I came across their purpose statement near the top of the page.   Wirecutter supports our readers with thousands of hours of reporting and… Continue Reading →

The Purpose of Amy’s Drive Thru’s

Amy’s Drive Thru is a different kind of fast food restaurant. It’s striving to be the first 100% vegetarian national fast food chain. (Here’s an article about this at Business Insider.)   Starting with Why Visit their website and you will first come across… Continue Reading →

Award-Winning Whirlpool Campaign Showed How Clean Clothes Can Dramatically Affect Students’ Success

LINK: Award-Winning Whirlpool Campaign Showed How Clean Clothes Can Dramatically Affect Students’ Success   A case study of a project from Whirlpool from Adweek:   The goal: provide students with clean clothes in order to boost their confidence, reduce truancy,… Continue Reading →

Greg Mckeown on the importance of purpose in teams

Here’s what Greg Mckeown (business consultant and author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less) found out from his research of more than one thousand teams: The results of this research were startling: when there was a high level of… Continue Reading →

Nintendo’s mission

Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s President and COO, comments on their mission and their new product, Nintendo Labo, in the latest press release: Nintendo Labo continues our longstanding mission of making people smile by surprising them with new experiences… It… Continue Reading →

IDEO’s Purpose

I learned this from a case study on IDEO prepared by LinkedIn. The case studies is part of a series called LinkedIn Portraits of Purpose Companies. What’s interesting about the way IDEO cultivates purpose is that each studio of IDEO… Continue Reading →

The Disruptors 

These are relatively new companies that I’ve discovered or I’ve been following that are disrupting their categories. They are of different categories and industries with different models, but one thing they share is their wit and unique brand personalities. Sleepy… Continue Reading →

Fiasco Gelato

Just learned Fiasco Gelato from The Society of Cult Brands. Fiasco was added to their list of Emerging Brands. Here’s how they introduced Fiasco Gelato: The purpose driven team at Fiasco stands by its mission to enrich people’s lives. They… Continue Reading →

Disney Parks and Resorts’ Vision

From the overview on their website: At Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, all of our Cast, Crew and Imagineers across the globe share one vision — to give our guests opportunities to create memories with their friends, families and loved… Continue Reading →

Your history, a key element of understanding your WHY

Link: Finding my why, understanding who I am – MICHAEL WATTS Michael Watts on the key element of finding your WHY: A key element of understanding your WHY is to understand your history. What has made you the person that… Continue Reading →

What is a brand ideal?

Going through Jim Stengel’s book, Grow: How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s Greatest Companies, came across his definition of what a brand ideal is: A brand ideal is a business’s essential reason for being, the higher-order benefit… Continue Reading →

Apple’s Purpose

Here a wonderful piece from John Gruber about the Apple Park and the Steve Jobs Theater, which was unveiled at the Apple Special Event of September 2017. My favorite part from the piece was his thoughts on the opening tribute… Continue Reading →

The 5th P of Marketing

During his visit to JRE Group of Institutions a few years ago, Dr. Philip Kotler spoke about the 5th P of marketing: I’ve added to the 4ps a new p. you know the 4p’s is what marketers put together in… Continue Reading →

[LINK] How Lego’s Purpose Made It the Most Powerful Brand in the World

LINK: How Lego’s Purpose Made It the Most Powerful Brand in the World | IRIS A nice read about how Lego accomplished an amazing turnaround: What followed was a re-organization of the company to ensure that every aspect of the company… Continue Reading →

Make Your Company Great By Harnessing Purpose

Link: A four-part series on how harnessing purpose can make your company great. Our brand purpose consultant Justin was recently interviewed regarding the role of purpose in marketing. Find out the details in the 4-part series over at Nippon Marketers… Continue Reading →

Twenty Predictions for the Next 20 Years

LINK: Twenty Predictions For The Next 20 Years Robert Safian, Editor in Chief of Fast Company, makes some predictions for the next twenty years. Prediction #9 is about purpose: MISSION WILL TRUMP MONEY. Economists have long stressed the power of… Continue Reading →

[Case Study] How Barclays Defined Brand Purpose and Regained Customer Trust

Link: How Barclays Defined Brand Purpose and Regained Customer Trust | Aaker on Brands A quick read on how Barclays responded to a crisis through purpose-driven marketing. In a crisis, here’s what a brand / company can do to react:… Continue Reading →

Facebook’s Mission

Mark Zuckerberg explains the mission of Facebook in this article from Fast Company: Five years ago, before Facebook’s IPO, Mark Zuckerberg posted what he called a “founder’s letter” that spelled out the company’s philosophy for prospective investors. “We don’t wake… Continue Reading →

Why do you exist?

Stumbled upon this article from 1995, BUILDING A VISIONARY ORGANIZATION IS A DO-IT-YOURSELF PROJECT: A CONVERSATION WITH JAMES C. COLLINS by Joe Flower. Although it’s ten years old, many principles and ideas still apply. And here’s an excerpt from it… Continue Reading →

What will it take to be a successful entrepreneur in the future?

Esther Dyson, chairman of Adventure Holdings, on what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur: The best entrepreneurs have a sense of purpose that drives them. You can pivot better if you have a purpose, because then you have something… Continue Reading →

What is airbnb a symbol of?

Here’s a great video explaining airbnb’s big idea and what their logo represents: And I like how they articulate their mission on their blog: We asked ourselves, “What is our mission? What is the big idea that truly defines Airbnb?”… Continue Reading →

General Mills and Purpose-driven marketing

Here’s a great article from about General Mills and how they are embracing purpose-driven marketing. Some highlights: Outlining a brand’s purpose and then shaping brand engagement around that purpose is the key to effective marketing. Seek to serve the… Continue Reading →

Ambitious Purpose

At last year’s Association of National Advertisers (ANA) conference, in an interview, former P&G CMO talks about how ANA became successful and the importance of having an ambitious purpose:  The ANA has had explosive growth since 2001, 2002. And the… Continue Reading →

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