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(日本語) 7/24 イベント開催「PURPOSE DRIVEN COMPANY 〜本物を未来に残すパーパス・ブランディング〜」

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#2 of 4 Purpose Key Person Interview – Simon Sinek

In our annual publication TOKYO2019, we interviewed Simon Sinek, the author of the global bestseller Start With Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. #2 of 4  Purpose Key Person Interview – Simon Sinek  (→ #1) SMO: In the… Continue Reading →

In our annual publication TOKYO2019, we interviewed Simon Sinek, the author of the global bestseller Start With Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.   Simon Sinek – an unshakable optimist He believes in a bright future and our… Continue Reading →

The State of Purpose Among Business Professionals Study

We are pleased to release “The State of Purpose Among Business Professionals Study”. It is available (in Japanese only) on our website as PDF. With the goal of understanding the mindset of the Japanese workforce, we conducted a survey of… Continue Reading →

A question to help you set big, hairy, and audacious goals

I’m currently reading Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs, and I came across this helpful question for setting big goals. Jim Collins and his team came up with the concept of… Continue Reading →

Key Elements of a Great Vision

“Vision” is the ability to talk about the future with such clarity it is as if we are talking about the past. – Simon Sinek We all know having a clear image of our goal, a vision, is important. But… Continue Reading →

22 inspiring business purpose statements

I have a friend who loves Pokémon Go. He plays the game and collects Pokémon whenever he gets the chance. I, on the the other hand, collect purpose statements. Whenever I come across one, I add it to my collection…. Continue Reading →

16 quotes to start your day with purpose

I had this math teacher in my middle school that wrote a new quote at the top of the chalkboard every week. One quote that stuck with me was the one by Les Brown: Shoot for the moon. Even if… Continue Reading →

Nine Important Questions To Uncover Your Purpose

To discover and clarify the purpose for work and projects, here’s a good framework I rely on: Purpose is at the intersection of what we are good at (STRENGTHS), what we love to do (PASSIONS), and the needs of who… Continue Reading →

Wirecutter’s purpose statement plus a purpose statement template for your website

I recently visited the Wirecutter website to look for recommendations for a mobile battery pack. While over there I came across their purpose statement near the top of the page.   Wirecutter supports our readers with thousands of hours of reporting and… Continue Reading →

What are your super powers?

An important element to uncovering your purpose is understanding your strengths. SYPartners has recently released an app to do just that.   The app is called Superpowers, and they describe is as:   Superpowers is a tool to help you… Continue Reading →

P&G former CMO’s 5 lessons in marketing and branding

P&G former CMO, Jim Stengel, shares the lessons he learned in marketing, branding, and life with P&G at a session for Association of National Advertisers Masters in 2008. The five lessons: To put people at the center of what we… Continue Reading →

How to build the perfect workplace

A great read over at FORTUNE on how to build the perfect workplace. By looking at the 100 best companies to work for, he finds that they focus on four elements of culture: mission colleagues trust caring When it comes… Continue Reading →

Google’s 10 things to transform your team and your workplace

Another great read from FORTUNE. This one is from Laszlo Bock, SVP of people operations, Google. He offers 10 steps to transform your company to a “high-freedom” environment. First thing on the list is, give your work meaning: Work consumes… Continue Reading →

We believe + Purpose

“We believe” provides the context for your Purpose. In communicating your Purpose to employees and customers, it is important to also have what we call the “We Believe” statements with it. By telling your audience what you believe and what… Continue Reading →

11 Best Resources for Purpose Marketing

BrightHouse has a list of 11 wonderful resources for marketing. The list includes a selection of insightful and inspiring videos, studies, articles and books. From the list, these are our favorites: How P&G, Google and Southwest Learned to Sell With… Continue Reading →

What is Purpose?

Here’s a great video explain what purpose is from BrightHouse:

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