Month May 2022

An interview article with CEO Saito was published in the Nikkei Cross Trend Special Feature “Purpose Branding Frontline”.

Our CEO Saito in the 8th “Differences between Purpose and Vision, Mission, and Values“, a special feature of Nikkei Cross Trend, “Purpose Branding Frontline”, which considers “Purpose Branding” based on the advice of experts and company cases. An interview article… Continue Reading →

Purpose Interview: TSDO Mr. Sato “Helping to Create a Strong Brand That Will Last 20 Years”

Taku Sato has created many logo designs that come to everyone’s mind, such as Meiji’s milk “Oishii Gyunyu” and Lotte’s ”Xylitol Gum”. In fact, SMO’s logo was also created by Taku in the past. Taku, who is active at the… Continue Reading →

Purpose Interview: Marui CEO Mr. Aono ”Overcoming Dichotomy and Evolving, Co-creating with Marui for the Future Generation”

Locating its stores around the terminal stations of central Tokyo, Marui is transforming the industry by using its stores to offer experience value and engagement with its customers. We asked the CEO, Mr. Masahiro Aono, about the history and future… Continue Reading →

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