Month June 2022

“Purpose Statement Analysis of Prime Listed Companies” by CEO Mikiko Saito was published in Adtai.

An article by CEO Mikiko Saito, “Analyzing Purpose Statements of Prime Listed Companies, Structure of Purpose and 10 Features of Expression,” was published on the website “Adtai” by the Sendenkaigi. What are the characteristics of Purpose that Japanese companies have… Continue Reading →

An online event “PURPOSE STATEMENT LIST-Purpose public commemorative event for listed companies” will be held.

SMO investigates all the corporate philosophies of all 1839 companies listed on the TSE Prime, identifies the companies that officially have “Purpose” (or Purpose in English), and puts the Purpose Statement in “PURPOSE STATEMENT LIST 2022”. It will be listed… Continue Reading →

All statement materials of Purpose Formulating companies listed on TSE Prime have been released.

Now that the importance of Purpose is even more questioned, how many Japanese companies have formulated Purpose? What kind of “reason for existence” do you have? In order to grasp the actual situation, SMO surveys 1839 TSE Prime listed companies… Continue Reading →

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