Every year in this newsletter we deliver to you a report on the interesting commercials that aired during the Super Bowl. This year the event was held around a week later than usual and thus this report is late as well but from the commercials that aired we picked three commercials that best showed off how a company’s Purpose (or principle) served as an axis for sustainability. 

Salesforce ”The New Frontier”

Salesforce’s core value is “bringing people together changes everything” and “In unity, there is power”. In this commercial Matthew Mcconaughey is calling for people to save the Earth. There is criticism of corporations that are furthering Mars expeditions in the sense that they should first be fixing the problems that exist on Earth. 


General Motors ”Dr. EV-il”

The corporate vision of General Motors is “Our vision is a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion” and in their commercial the original cast of Austin Powers unite once again to praise the benefits of electric vehicles. With the theme of “help save the world” the company was able to show off its dedication to sustainability. 


Hellmann’s  “Mayo Tackles Food Waste”

For Hellmann, a company that preaches sustainability in the food industry, their commercial was based on “tackling” the issues of food and sustainability through a series of real “tackles” made by former NFL player and conveniently named Jerod Mayo. The commercial was less about the company’s mayonnaise and more about the problems and challenges of food loss. 


The general trend that we saw with automobile companies (who aired many commercials during the Super Bowl) we saw many companies show off their shift to electric vehicles but not so many that went against the concept of consumption in itself. But, things are beginning to change and this advertising trend of sustainability is something that people should keep an eye on.