The purpose is often affiliated with how a Company would describe their philosophy, however, the brand itself holds purpose. Using that as a starting point, purpose-driven products are able to exist.

The UK company Unilever’s Detergent Brand Persil is a purpose-driven brand, which pushed forth the philosophy that “Dirt is good (Getting dirty is a good thing)”, making the idea to let play kids outside (Then make the dirtied clothes even more white)  as the purpose.

I’ll be introducing the purpose-driven campaign held in 2016 by Persil.

(1) Purpose that is out of date –  Due to changes in the environment, it has become necessary to reconsider the idea of brand purpose.

In the UK, 97% of families use laundry detergent, the number of times of washing laundry per household is said to be once a day. That said, in order to win in the laundry, a category that is generally less of interest to people, the brand must be somehow noticed and relevant to people to gain an edge over the competition.

Persil has been known for a long time to be a representative of the detergent brand, to the point that during the 1980s a teenager named Victoria Beckham proclaimed “I want to be as well-known as Persil”. During the late 90s, the philosophy “Dirt is good”, and 

Persilは洗剤ブランドの代表例として古くから知られ、1980年代には10代だったヴィクトリア・ベッカムが「Persilくらい誰でも知っている存在になりたい」と宣言したほどでした。90年代後半には、「Dirt is good」という信念と、子供たちに外で遊んでもらってどんどん汚してもらう(そんな服でも、白よりも白くする)、というパーパスにフォーカスして、洗剤というカテゴリーを超え、文化との関連性につなげることに成功していました。