General Mills is another company that is making Purpose its core. On their website, you’ll find that Purpose is one of the major pages under their company section.

Here’s what they say about their Purpose:

We serve the world by making food people love.


It’s a simple statement. But in a world of changing food values, it’s powerful.

And here’s some more context for their Purpose from the website:

Helping to feed people has been the root of who we are for well over a century. We started feeding a hungry nation through our flour production in the middle of the 1800s. Today, we help you feed your family conveniently, nutritiously – even joyously.

They do have a page for values, but what’s interesting is that I couldn’t find anything about their mission and vision.

Just stating your company’s purpose, and not mission and vision is something to think about. Today we are in the age of getting down to the core, the essence of things. We also see that in marketing communications where we want to communicate the absolute important essences.




If you had to pick one thing to communicate your stakeholders, it has to be the most important. And that I believe, is Purpose.