This year’s edition of our tabloid “TOKYO 2021” is now available on our website.

Originally, this “TOKYO 20xx” was created because we were often asked, “What kind of year will next year be?”, so we started publishing in tabloid form instead of a New Year’s card in hopes that it would serve as a hint to all of you for your business.

In this issue, the theme is “Re-imagine”. Last year was the year we were all too busy doing what we had to do, dealing with what was in front of us – trying things out, and if they didn’t work, trying something else. This year, we suggest just to stop for a moment and imagine – thinking about the future a little further ahead, or about people and places a little farther away. We believe that by doing so we may be able to come up with ideas and connections that we might never have thought of.

「TOKYO 2021」