P&G former CMO, Jim Stengel, shares the lessons he learned in marketing, branding, and life with P&G at a session for Association of National Advertisers Masters in 2008.

The five lessons:

  1. To put people at the center of what we do.
  2. Engage your heart and your mind in everything you do.
  3. Link your marketing and branding to results.
  4. Creativity.
  5. To have a purpose behind your brand.

On the importance of Purpose:

It changes everything. Including your results. I maintain it’s the only way forward.

On what Purpose-based marketing is:

An inspiration and motivational reason for being for your brand and having all activities emanate from that. It’s brand that understands where it comes from. It answers the question why am I here. It’s a brand that shares its value with the consumers. It’s a brand that has an agenda. It’s a brand that’s trying to make a powerful impact for good.

You can find the entire presentation here.