What We Do

Our Business Consists of Three Pillars.

Future Insight

Be Ready for An Unpredictable Future.

In a world where the unexpected happens every day, business leaders need to have the ability to see into an unpredictable future, not just as an extension of the past and present, but as a jump ahead. Future forecasting usually considers the future as an extension of the present, but that is a method of building up what we know, which results in blind spots. In addition, it is too focused on technological innovation and fails to see what consumers and society really need. Using such methods in business management is like driving in the dark without using high beams. Foresight, on the other hand, is a method that addresses areas you may not even be aware of not knowing about, by focusing on variable factors and looking at the present with multiple possibilities for the future. By shifting your organization's perspective from "what can be done" to "what society and consumers will want in the future," you will be able to create innovative products and services that reflect social change and are highly relevant to consumers. We have invited Professor Yuichi Washida of Hitotsubashi University who specializes in foresight, as an advisor to help our clients to become more innovative with the unique foresight method.

想定外のことが日々起こるいま、 組織のリーダーには、予測できない未来、それも、過去と現在の延長線上にある未来ではなく、 ジャンプした先の未来を洞察する能力が不可欠です。 一般的な未来予測は、現在の延長線で未来を考えますが、知っていることを積み上げるだけでは、見えない未来が発生してしまいます。 また、技術革新に重きを置きすぎ、社会と生活者にとっての本当に必要なものが見いだせません。 こうした従来の未来予測だけを経営に使うことは、 暗闇の中でハイビームを使わずに運転するようなものです。 一方で、「未来洞察」は、不確定な要素に着目し、そこから複数の未来を発想したうえで今を見ることで、知らないことすら知らない、気づいてもいない領域をカバーする方法です。 組織の目線が「何ができるか」ではなく、「社会や生活者はこれからどんなことを求めるか」にシフトします。 そうして組織は「社会変化」主導で商品やサービスを創造していくようになり、生活者と高い関連性を持ったイノベーションを起こせるようになるのです。 SMOでは、未来洞察を専門とする一橋大学鷲田祐一教授を顧問に迎え、クライアントとともに 未来洞察を行い、よりイノベーションを起こしやすい組織をつくります。

Purpose Branding

Make Purpose the Core of Your Brand.

When an organization or a person performs an action, in most cases they act after thinking about it. This act of thinking in the case of organizations can be called Strategy. There are various types of strategies like higher level management strategies and individual strategies. In order to make these strategies viable, there needs to be a larger direction or basic idea that binds the strategies together. We call this Concept. Where as a strategy requires feasibility, a concept requires the ability to engage and attract people. The concept is, however, unstable by nature and its composition can be influenced by a variety of factors. It is important to have a guide that can ensure the consistency of the concept to strategy to execution. This guide is the answer to the fundamental question of why you exist and what is this for in the first place. We believe it is of the utmost importance to begin with clarifying the Purpose in everything we do.

人でも組織でも「なにかを実行する」という時には、大抵の場合、なにか考えてから行動に移すことになります。この “なにか考えて” というのは、 それが企業の場合「戦略」と呼ばれるものであったりします。戦略には様々なものがあり、大きくは経営戦略であったり、個別戦略といったものになります。それらの戦略を実行可能なものとするため、それぞれすべての戦略を束ねる、より大きい方針や基本的な考え方が必要になります。これを私たちは「コンセプト」としています。戦略は実現性が問われるのに対し、コンセプトは人を惹きつける魅力的なものである必要があります。しかし、 このコンセプトというものは、非常に儚いところがあり、様々な要因で移ろってしまうところがあります。コンセプトから戦略、そして実行まで、一貫してブレないようにするために必要なものがあります。それは、そもそも “なぜ〇〇はあるのか ?” “なんのために〇〇は存在するのか ?” といった本質的な問いに対する回答です。私たちは、行おうとしていることの「パーパス」を明確にすることから、すべてを始めることが大切だと考えています。


The Power of "Purpose"

So why purpose?
Purpose explains what your aim is.
Without having it in your path,
you will likely drift away or be distracted by competitors and numbers.

パーパスは、その ブランドの信念を表すものです。 もしそれが明確になっていなければ、

  • Boost the unity of the
    organization and attract
    passionate people
    Purpose provides a worthwhile cause and creates an environment in which people desire to work. It will be possible for existing employees to increase their motivation and attract even more excellent human resources.
    パーパスはやりがいを与え、働きたくなる環境を作ります。既存社員の モチベーションが高まり、また、より多くの優れた人材を引き寄せることが可能になります。
  • Unify the organization's
    With a clear purpose and having it seep into the organization, it will be possible to make important decisions such as the allocation of resources, recruitment, long term strategy planning, and definition of success without going off track.
  • Strengthen Innovation
    Purpose-oriented companies can always manage themselves from a purpose perspective without being bound to conventional ideas or industrial frames, and can create an environment where innovations could happen easily.
  • Attract customer with a
    high level of loyalty
    Customers who empathize with the purpose have a high level of loyalty. They can also be evangelists who can increase the credibility of your brand.

There are various benefits for companies that transform into purpose-driven firms. This also leads to excellent performance in the end. There are studies and researches about purpose-driven companies at many prestigious universities and consulting firms in the United States, and they have proven that the performance level of purpose-driven companies is higher than that of their competitors. Pursuing the philosophy of your brand and taking proper actions can help achieve good results, business performance-wise as well. Brands that understand and practice this fact are the ones that can get the biggest profit in the long run.


Experience Design

Make Your Brand Known.

By defining the purpose of the brand's existence, making it seep into people or organizations, and creating a movement, we will realize the transformation of that brand. There are various final outputs including communications for products, shops, advertisements, and PR; or intangible services and higher motivation for employees.
For any branding offers, we will always go back to clarifying the brand's purpose and will devote our efforts to turn your brand into something authentic and excellent.

ブランドの存在理由を明確にしてパーパスとして明文化されると、それを内外の人々や組織に浸透させ、ムーブメントを起こすことで、そのブランドのトランスフォーメーションが実現します。 私たちが提供するコンサルティングの最終的なアウトプットは、製品、店舗、広告やPRなどのコミュニケーション、 あるいは無形のサービスや、社員のモチベーション向上など、様々です。